Black henna, the scary truth!

Black Henna is a darker color than its cousin's natural henna. It is used for temporary body tattoos; however, underneath the deceivingly beautiful exterior lies a secret darker than its color. Unlike its cousin, black henna is colored with a black dye. The black dye often comes in the form of paraphenylenediamine(PPD). This chemical can cause a number of harmful side effects. The most common is scarring and potentially lethal allergic reactions.


Allergic reactions to black henna


PPD is used in high levels in black henna. Even those not allergic can become sensitized and vulnerable for a reaction upon further use. The general consensus is to avoid black henna completely. Please ensure that any henna you plan to purchase will give an orange or brown stain signalling that it is natural henna. At Henna Studio our goal is to provide 100% natural and safe products. Ingredients used to make Henna Studio cones are henna powder, sugar, water and pure essential oil. 

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