Henna Freckles

Applying Henna Freckles


Henna freckles are small dots of natural henna paste across the bridge of the nose and cheeks. This creates a natural sun-kissed freckled look. Although henna freckles are not appropriated by any culture, the henna itself is deeply rooted in Pakistan, India, Africa, and The Middle East. Henna began to adopt this culture for its traditional fashion qualities. Recently freckles have become popular aesthetic. This trend is popular among fashionable teens and young adults. Freckles are difficult to apply with makeup and other methods. Henna freckles are much less hassle for high-quality results. 


To achieve this fabulous look you will need:

*One Henna Studio Freckle Kit


  1. Clean and dry your face to create a suitable surface for henna.
  2. Remove the pin from the Henna Cone and save it for storage. (One cone can be used for many, many uses!)
  3. Apply minuscule dots of henna. Vary the size and spread for a more natural look.
  4. Let the henna paste dry for as long as possible, 3 to 8 hours is recommended. Varying drying times is also a good way to create a natural aesthetic.
  5. Pick off the henna paste carefully. Do not wash your face with water. The stain is light in the beginning and will darken over the next 48 hours.

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Love this kit! So easy to use and my freckles turned out amazing!

Julie Fisher January 07, 2021

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