Henna Studio

Henna Powder For Body Art

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Henna Studio's organic, triple sifted henna powder is imported from Rajasthan, India. The powder is of the best quality and makes fine, stringy henna paste.
The powder is mixed with sugar, lavender essential oil, and water. The paste is then transferred into cellophane cones and used by henna artists for body art. The powder comes with recipe card and detailed instructions on how to use.
For body art, mix 100g of henna powder with 40 ml of sugar, 30 ml of lavender essential oil, and water to consistency. 100g of henna powder can easily make 10 henna cones of 25-30g each.
The powder is USDA certified organic with no chemical additives. The powder is freshly ground, made from 2019 crop.
Store in a cool dark place to maintain freshness. The powder can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 years.

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