Is henna a perishable item?

YES! Henna cones are perishable, henna powder isn't.
Henna cones are made with henna powder, sugar, lavender essential oil and water.
As soon as you receive the henna cones and are not using them right away, it is highly recommended to freeze the cones. Cones last for 2 months in the freezer and for 2 weeks in the fridge. Hence why, henna cones are also mailed with priority shipping.

Henna powder however can be kept outside in a cool dark place, and has a shelf life of 2 years.

How long does henna stain last?

Henna stain lasts for 2-3 weeks, depending on the after care and how much water is used to wash the stained area. The more water is used, faster the stain fades away. After paste removal, henna stains orange at first, within 12 - 24 hours, it grows darker and turns into a shade of burgundy.

How to get a dark henna stain?

Our henna cones are made with 100% natural ingredients. In order to get a dark henna stain, it is important to follow after care instructions. Henna paste should be kept on the skin for minimum 6 hours. A lemon sugar sealant helps to keep the stain on the skin longer. Take 2tbsp lemon and 1tbsp sugar, run it in the microwave for 15 seconds and then dab it with cotton on the dry paste. After 6-12 hours flake it off your body, using a butter knife. Colour comes lighter (orange) at first, and grows darker in 24-48 hours.  

Henna colour varies depending on the aftercare and  location on the body.

How to make henna cones using DIY henna kit?

Making henna is not very hard, but requires practice and consistency.

Following are the steps to make henna cones:

- Add henna powder, sugar and lavender essential oil in a bowl and mix it throughly.
- Once mixed, add water, little by little. ( like how you make a dough). Leave it aside for 8 hours or overnight.
- Beat the paste, to remove any lumps. Then strain the paste using a stocking.
- Transfer the paste from the stocking to an icing bag. Check youtube, link below.
- Transfer the paste form the icing bag to the cones. ( cut the tip of the icing bag when transferring.
- Seal cones with a tape.

What is the significance of henna? 

Henna has been used to celebrate cultures and joyous occasions for many years. In many cultures, it is believed to be as a sign of luck and blessing. It is sometimes believed that the darker is the henna stain, the more the husband loves his bride!

Is getting a henna tattoo a painful process?

Henna is a completely painless form of body art and It can be done anywhere on the body.

What is black henna?

Black henna is full of chemicals that are extremely dangerous for the skin and not advisable to use at all. Only natural henna is the safe and recommended form of body art.

What is white henna?

White henna is falsely advertised as henna. However, it is not as it does not stain the skin. It's usually body paint or body lotion, that is used to make white colored designs on body.