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Natural Henna Hair Dye -100g - Chemical Free

Henna hair dye at Henna Studio comes in a pack of 100g.

The natural henna hair dye colour varies, depending on the initial hair colour.

Blonde hair becomes orange/red. 
Light brown hair gets red highlights.
Dark brown/black has subtle hair colour change which is only visible in sunlight.
Grey hair becomes orange in colour.

How to use:

Mix henna powder with warm water till it turns into a paste. Keep the paste aside for 4-6 hours for dye release. Once the paste is ready, brush it on your hair with hands covered with gloves provided in the package, covering the scalp completely. Cover your hair with a shower cap for as long as you can. The longer it is on the head better are the results. Tea tree oil, coffee brew, tea brew, lemon can also be added to the paste. Experiment and leave us a review on how it worked out for you.

The powder comes with an instruction card, gloves and shower cap.

Please note: Henna does not color dark hair. Its visible only on grey/light hair color.

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